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So, yet another amazing day. I only have one class today but because my teacher was sick, I had nothing! I spent the morning out on our balcony ready and doing some homework. I am going to have to take my computer in somewhere to have it looked at because the battery is possibly slowly dying – a slow painful death…not sure if it’s more painful for me or the comp, but tomorrow will be interesting trying to negotiate and discuss computer problems with a Mexican person.

At 11 some of the students from the English class invited us to go to get michlades (not sure how to describe, or spell for that matter…however, it was described to me as beer with Worchester sauce) haha. Anyway, we sadly couldn’t make it because we had to go to the orphanage! I actually didn’t get to go to either because I wasn’t feeling the best (I’m not sick at all, just a little tired and needed to recuperate from the long week. Either way, I am excited because next week on Tuesday at 10:30 am I am going to begin my volunteer work at the orphanage!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!

Ali and I met in the centro and walked around a bit…got the best drink – fresh watermelon, pineapple, and possibly melon (I forget) blended with water!! SUCH a good drink!! Also, we stopped and split a crepe!! YUM! Oh, and I managed to get locked IN the bathroom at the Creperia. It was hard to get out! AND, we found our new favorite panederia!! I am so excited to get bread there. Mom, you would love it and they even have fruit tarts!

After lunch we met up with Torin, Elizabeth, Sheri, Torin, and Mateo and we all headed over to Daniela’s house. We hung out there with Daniela’s friends (yay we’re making Mexican friends!) and a few from the Westmont group! Daniela made the world’ best Pina Colada and we had pizza and ohhh I am loving it here.

We had to leave at 7:30 because we met the rest of our group in the centro for the myths and legends tour which was awesome (I would have liked to understand it a little more, but it was good nonetheless). Our tour guides were dressed in old fashion clothing and we went to all sorts of locations around the centro, learning about the various myths and legends of Querétaro. OH! And there was a cellist during one part of the tour which of course made me super happy. I am missing orchestra/my violin/my piano/ my friends who I can talk about music with! It is killllling me. I think this is the longest time I have been away from all of that since second grade (well, I guess my whole life). It’s just weird to be here, after having it for so many years, and not having ANYTHING. Kills me. I can’t wait to get back into music when I get home.

ANYWAY, after the mitos y leyendas tour, we met back up with Daniela and her friends close to campus. What happens is every week either one facultad (basically a school within the UAQ ie political science, arts, science, etc.) hosts a party for the University students. It was crazy, there were so many people, but it was so much fun. We were at the party for a bit until we left to go to Christian/Chrisjack’s apartment (the guy who makes our coffee in the mornings!) to hang out a little more.

So,basically a summary of my day:

Wake up, shower, eat breakfast already prepared for me (fruit salad, hard boiled eggs, cereal, homemade apple/pear/cinnamon coffee cake), sit on the balcony doing a little homework, reading my book and listening to my ipod, walk to the centro to meet alisyn for lunch, go hang out at daniela’s, go to the centro for the mitos y leyendas tour, go to the party at the university, sleep. No wonder I am having a difficult time thinking about coming home. It’s not even that I am having a fun time here, but I am loving my classes so much more. They are so much more hands on and I am getting so much more out of everything I am learning. I feel like back at UO, everything I do is just to make it to the next level, or just to get past another reqirement…it seems to arbitrary and completely pointless when I have classes here where I am actually learning and not feeling like I am doing tons of work and taking ridiculous tests which I’m fairly confident are not necessary for my future. Ay.

Anyway, more later. I miss everyone!!!

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  1. Here:

    You can find info about the concerts and cultural events (some of them) in the city, in Queretaro there are two orchestras the “Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil Silvestre Revueltas” (Young players and students) and the “Orquesta Filarmonica del Estado de Querétaro” (the state filarmonic orchestra) and there is the only school in the country of “lauderia” (they teach how to made musical instruments like violin) and they too have concerts.

  2. Dear Kim! I am very happy that you have a good time with your host-mom and with your good friends. Enjoy your stay and your study and youe social life (dancing) I read everything you wrote! Love leslie.

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