Onzie Yoga Gear

As I’ve found myself more or less living in yoga gear these days, I’m frequently on the prowl for quality yoga activewear. A few months back, I stumbled upon Onzie and really liked their designs and also the fact that their products are made in the US. We connected, one thing led to another and now, for the past few weeks I’ve been #gettingflexy in a few of their pieces! I’m frequently asked about yoga activewear recommendations, so here’s my review on the Onzie gear I’ve been wearing!

The capris you see in the pictures above are the “black magic” capris. I must say, it didn’t take too long for me to fall in love with them. AKA want to be wearing them 24/7. I like them because they are fitted yet breathable. They also smooth out imperfections and are a perfect thickness – not so thick that they feel (or actually are) restricting, and not so thin that they feel (or actually are) see-through.  They are opaque, and yes, I tested this with poses like swan and runner’s lunge. (: 

I also really liked the wide flat waistband. A problem I’ve had with other yoga bottoms is that the waistband either hits too high or is too thick, making a weird little fold/bunching of fabric where the top and capris meet. These ones hit at the perfect spot, at least for my body type. 

The stretch factor is another huge one for yoga gear. These capris stretch quite well while still holding their shape. I’ve noticed that many other yoga capris can start to get baggy around the knees and waist or ride up at the bottom, but these maintained their shape incredibly well.

As for the circle bra top, I really love this as well. First and foremost, I love the color. (: Like the capris, the fabric is super soft and breathable, yet sturdy and maintains its shape. I also really love the back, both because I love the criss-cross design and also because it feels really nice to have the least amount of fabric touching as possible, especially during hot yoga classes!

Overall, I really like the fabric, fit and designs of the Onzie products and am looking forward to wearing more. (: 

What factors do you consider when choosing yoga gear? Style? Comfort? Price? Fit? 

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I have been provided this product free of charge for review by the company and have not been incentivized for a positive review.