Oregon Rain Isn’t So Bad

Aug 31st, 2007

I had one class this morning from 9 – 10am…composition. blah. Right now we’re going over grammar…blah! I can’t seem to get away from it!

We have been planning an “excusion pequena” (small excursion) to Walmart for this entire week. We have been so excited for it and have been planning it for Friday! Well, today was the big day. Long story short – we did not get off the bus where we should have and ended up taking an hour long detour i.e. riding on a hot Mexican bus which I’m fairly confident has minimal if any shocks. We finally made it, but after getting off the bus, I though we would all get sick. Actually we never made it to Walmart. We made it to a similar store, but never walmart. Oh well, it was an adventure for sure!

Smiling because we made it.

A rainstorm came while we were inside, so we took a cab home. Again, I must reiterate how ridiculous the rain is here because Querétaro lacks a decent drainage system. Because of this, on the way home while driving through the streets, the way the bus kicked up splashed up over the roof of the cab. It was inside – something you would only believe if you were here!

I bought my host mom a small rose, but by the time I arrived home, the actual rose had snapped off. )= I am going to try to nurse it back to health…hopefully a new bud will grow so I can still give it to her at some point.

Sam and I came back to my house and watched 28 days with Sandra Bullock – great movie! My host mom was watch Les Miserables when we got back! I am liking her more and more (= (don’t worry mom, you still come in #1 by a longshot!)

In other news, I finally found out today that the cleaning lady, Chave, lives here in a little room/building out in back Monday – Friday and returns home on the weekends. She is the sweetest girl ever! I feel weird having her clean my room. It’s also weird coming home and even though I made my bed, having someone remake my bed. Or, noticing that my shoes are organized differently. Something to get used to a suppose.

So a bunch of us went out tonight – fun as always. On the way to the centro, there was a guy in the street throwing fire and putting on a show! Crazy!!! It’s interesting how the US has such a massive influence on Mex. I swear every song is a 90’s American song! Oh and sidenote – Mexican pizza es muy picante!

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