Puerto Vallarta

It seems like just yesterday I was saying, “I can’t believe it’s already September!” and now here I am, almost a week into November.

My presentations went very well last week – I think anyway. Monday I had a presentation in my lit. class on a few works by Alfonsina Storni and Tuesday I had my presentation in art over post modern art. It’s funny how nervous I was at the beginning of art class about the presentation – I mean it is intimidating…having to teach the 1 ½ class in Spanish about an art época, but now It’s really not a huge deal and I had quite a bit of fun learning about all the different styles of post modern art; I think that is one of my favorite art eras.

Oh! Also, last Tuesday before art, my cross culture class went to our teacher, Lulu’s, house to have class/ make authentic Mexican food! We made two types of fruit juice: Jamaica y one other, salsa, refried black beans, guacamole, jicama and a few other things I believe I don’t remember at the moment. Again, if anyone wonders why I love school here so much…refer to the paragraph above and you’ll realize why!

Directly after art Sam and I went back home to get our duffle bags and we headed off to the bus station where we left at 8:30 pm to Puerto Vallarta! The bus ride was 12 hours but it honestly wasn’t bad. When you board the bus, you are given a small bag with a sandwich, cookies, and a drink. During the ride they show movies and the seats recline pretty far back. We chose to go overnight with the hope to have a little easier time sleeping while not wasting a day traveling. Plans worked out perfectly and we arrived at the hotel around 8:30. We stayed at a beautiful all inclusive resort called Plaza Pelicanos right on the beach.

The hotel staff was very nice by allowing us to check in as soon as we got there, rather than having to wait until 3 in the afternoon to check out.

As soon as we got to the room, we jumped in our swim suits and headed down to the pool where we spend the next five days relaxing, eating, drinking, reading, napping, swimming, etc.

On Saturday we went kyacking out into the Pacific Ocean! It was unreal! Each night they had a themed shows – my favorite being the dances from various Latin American countries. I also participated in water aerobics every day – mom you would have been proud! The grounds were beautiful kept and boy where there a lot of grounds. The hotel was spread out over I would say at least a few acres, with I think three swimming pools, shops, a game room, restaurants, multiple bars, y más. We didn’t explore all too much, but everything I saw was just beautiful.

The food was amazing. There were multiple bars, snack bars, buffets, food during the dinner shows, an Italian restaurant, and another uber nice restaurant. The last two nights we ate at the Italian restaurant and the other nice restaurant – respectively. The food I had on the last night was some of the most amazing thing I have tasted! My meal began with sushi and a salad with oil and vinaigrette along with amazing bread and white wine. Then, I ate the most delectable tender chicken stuffed with what I believe was goat cheese and some sort of green, followed by the most delicious chocolate crepe covered in mint sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

The part that was even more amazing was this place was included because we bought at all inclusive package…otherwise it would have cost $30 a person! Yikes! One of the nights we took a cab downtown and walked along the boardwalk, looking at the street vendors, shows, people, and also sand castle display of the most amazing sand art I’ve seen!

Here I am with the girls. Although I wore sunscreen, that didn’t keep me from basically changing ethnicities in a matter of a few days. Makes my skin hurt now just thinking about it /=

With Ali and Liz in between dinner and the show:

Anyway, we stayed until Sunday – check out time is 11; however, the manager allowed us to have our room until 12. On top of that, our bus didn’t leave until 3:30, so they held our bags of front and allowed us to stay at the pool until we left at 2:30! Talk about good customer service! We took our bus at 3:30, got back to Querétaro at 4:30 and I had to leave for classs at 7 am! However, vale la pena? Definitivamente!

All in all, the vacation was amazing, I had such a great time with Ali, Sam, and Elizabeth. I am missing our beautiful vacation already!

During our stay, there was a massive futbol tournament for little kids ages around 5 – 18. Because of this, there were literally one of two hundred little Mexican ninos running around along with their families and siblings during our entire vacation.

Other than note…I really really honestly genuinely had a great time and what more is that…I come home in a month a 3 days! Time is FLYING.


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