Queretaro Rain Storms

I had another delicious breakfast with Nacho and Maruca – fresh fruit, cereal, this egg mixture (kinda like a vegetarian omelet in scrambled egg form, black beans, bread, pork rinds (BLEH!) and pineapple upside-down cake!

At 10 Sam and I walked to the centro to meet others to do homework. Although I’m glad my house doesn’t have internet, it would be nice to have it at times like these when I need to get online to do my tarea. Oh well. We arrived at about 10:45 and stayed until about 6 pm. I think I am going to become best friends with the workers there. It seems like a lot of time, but since I am not on all too much during the week, everything I want to get finished (update my blog, respond to e-mails, read the news, and do homework) takes mucho tiempo. However, I did get quite a bit accomplished today which includes (but is not limited to) responding to everything needing a response, updating my blog, reading the news, and writing two papers!

There was a massive rain storm today. The streets again flooded and there was water EVERYWHERE. Also, I saw a rat and a bunch of cockroaches in the street today, courtesy of the rain.

I also had the best hot chocolate and sandwich of my life at the café. YUM.

Sam and I went back to her house and watched Walk the Line and now here I am, about to start week three tomorrow…13 weeks left! Time is flying ridiculously fast here. Our excursion to Mexico City is this upcoming weekend. Yay!!!

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