Reflections After A Week Living In Mexico

Funny to think that a year ago today, I was driving down to Ducks to pick up keys to my apartment. It has always been so interesting to me how different things are and how fast everything can change in such a short amount of time. If you would have told me last year at this time I would be spending four months in Mexico I don’t know if I would have believed it.

Today began at 8:30 am when Nacho and Maruca drove Dan, Sam, and I to the bus station. I have to say that they def. have gone above and beyond their duty as host parents. They always go out of their way to be accommodating. Today, for example, they did not need to drive us to the station. Everyone else in my group took a bus or cab to the station but my parents insisted on taking us. Also, when we first arrived from Mex. City, everyone else has to take cab’s to their host families while mine was the only one to come pick me up from the station. I understand that the host families (for the most part) enjoy hosting students; however, there are some families who host students because they need the money (they are provided with a living stipend to host students). It’s obvious to me that my family hosts students not for the monetary incentive, but because they enjoy it. Regardless of the money incentive, these people are sacrificing so much for four months! Every morning I have a breakfast waiting for me and every afternoon I have a giant comida. They give up their privacy to share with me…I have keys to their house and basically free reign as to when I choose to come and go. They are so supportive, understanding of everything, and definitely go above and beyond the call of duty. I sure got lucky.

We boarded the bus and drove an hour to a small town called Tequis. I sure did love this town. I’m upset with myself because I didn’t bring my camera (we went to a water park later and I didn’t want it to get wet/stolen/broken/whatever else happens at Mexican water parks…turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about. Lame. Oh well – I will just have to steel others pictures off of facebook!).

The town was filled with little shops, markets, musicians, etc. I saw a Mexican wedding too! First off, the bride was so young! Second, her dress was beautiful – white and bright blue. I loved walking around the city and would love to go back sometime. OH! Oh the way into town, in front of a pharmacy there was a man dressed in one of the giant plastic fat –ish suits as a pharmacist (bad description I know, but maybe I will get a picture up). It was so funny because the guy was just dancing around, and then began to dance with Jesse first, then Christine! Only in Mexico.

After lunch and a chocolate covered ice cream, we left by cab to the water park – Oasis. On the way we saw the most ridiculous thing – a parade/ procession of food vehicles. There was a line of food vans for example, Pepsi delivers it’s products in a Pepsi truck, Wonderbread in a Wonderbread truck, Cheetos in a Cheetos truck etc. Well, this was a line of Mexican food trucks, however the characters (for example, the cheetah from Cheetos) were in the trucks, hanging out the sides of the trucks, and riding the back of the trucks, hanging out and waving at everyone! I’m not sure if it was some sort of promotion or what, but it was the most outrageous thing I have ever seen! I hope people got pictures of it.

We got to the water park and hung out for the afternoon. Sadly the weather wasn’t as nice as I would have hoped, but it wasn’t terrible by any means. I would love to go back one day when it is HOT. I was def. expecting it to be a lot warmer here, but I guess it’s nice to not have super hot weather when we’re trying to negotiate the city and attend school – especially when A/C isn’t a common thing here.

When it was time to go, we were having a difficult time getting a cab. SO, one of the Oasis employees packed 15 of us in his 8 passenger 1980’s suburban and drove us the 15 minutes back to the bus station. It was ridiculous but ridiculous. I have now gained a new appreciation of the term “Mexi-pack.”

We arrived back in Querétaro about 7 and all decided to grab some food. Sidenote: I love my group here! We are all such different people and it’s definitely quite the combination, but we are all loving it and enjoy each other! Anyway, I was not in the mood for Mex. Food tonight so I ordered the most amazing juice. My juice was apple, pineapple, and orange. They blend the juice freshly there and pour it in a massive glass. YUM, so tasty! I decided to have the most amazing crepe of my life after we left the restaurant – banana and chocolate. YUM – I am in love!

Sam, Dan, and I walked back – my god I love those two. I consider Dan as my brother and I just adore Sam in general. I got home to find Nacho and Maruca gone! Turns out they went to the centro (they said they saw me there with my friends earlier in the night) and then they went to church before coming home.

P.S. Mom and Dad, I tried calling you tonight but no one was home!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I’ll talk to you online tomorrow…

Anyway, after they arrived home, I talked to Nacho y Maruca for a few minutes. I was telling Nacho about my homework and the story I have to read and how it is a little difficult because it is full of symbolism and history I am not familiar with. Well, he decided to read the story about Popol Vuh (it took about 10 minutes to read) and continue to explain it to me. We ended up having a conversation about people who are conceited. I love talking to him. We were discussing how it is interesting that some people study and read a lot in order to gain more knowledge and learn more for themselves. However, there are other people who are conceited and have big heads and think they knows more than anyone else. Even if the conceited person has a lot of knowledge, it is seemingly pointless if the sole purpose of that knowledge is to prove that you know more than others – that shouldn’t be the purpose of learning and growing mentally.


Well, I have plenty of homework to keep me occupied! We are already approaching week 3 – can you believe it!? I sure can’t!!!

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  1. I think you saw a “quinceañera” party at the church not a wedding, the girls wear almost an identical dress like when weedings but they are celebrating their 15 year birhtday (like the sweet siwxteen)

    Queretaro has a great wheater is 20°C average all year long, in summer it can get as hot as 35°C in midday but at nigh it falls at 15°C and in winter it can get as cold as -5°C (but is rare)

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