Riding Bikes To Shiner

The other weekend I volunteered at the Shiner G.A.S.P. – a 100 mile bike from Austin to Shiner.

We arrived around 4:45 AM to begin setting up – the parking lot had only a handful of people when we got there. Within a few hours, it looked like this:

There were about 1,600 riders coming from Austin (riders also started out in other cities – Houston, San Antonio, etc.)

I took video of the start of the race in an attempt to give perspective to the massive amount of cyclers. It took more than five minutes to get everyone through the start!

Once the bikers took off, we hopped in the car and began our journey to Shiner.

We drove along the same path the bikers, in case anyone needed help, a bike pump, etc. along the way. I’ve never driven through this part of Tejas, so it was quite fun to explore new Texas territories! (;

Here I am:

We drove a little farther…passed more cyclists…coming across this woman! Did she really cycle with a dog in tow for 100 miles?

Once we got to Shiner, it was BBQ time! The afternoon was full of good BBQ, music, people watching, brewery tour and another check on the Texas bucket list!

It was fun watching all the bikers ride in – I am blown away by how many hardcore cyclists there are out here. The truth is, I have minimal desire to become a cyclist; however, when thinking of the activities I am passionate about and dedicated to, I can appreciate the passion and dedication these guys have for their respective hobby.

Back to Austin! We look a different route, passing other neat “stereotypical Texas” places. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the rest of Texas is very different from Austin…I love getting out and galavanting through the small Texas towns – so many interesting things/places/people to see! Such as this place!

And this little downtown strip of buildings:

Before I knew it, we were already back in Austin (after a quick stop at Smitty’s in Lockhart for ice cream cones…they are only $1! How can you turn down that deal?? (:)

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