Salsa & Tap

I was never a dancer in high school, so I’ve always wondered why I recently became so interested. The best conclusion I’ve reached is that because I was once “hardcore” involved in music, basically from the 2nd grade through high school – towards high school when I became more serious, between early bird rehearsals, sections, classes, private lessons, symphony rehearsals, practicing, concerts, etc., I was spending on average at least 4-5 hours each day playing the violin/singing in choir/playing piano. The summer after my senior year we had daily rehearsals that lasted about 6 hours each, beginning the week after we graduated through July, when we left to compete the the Vienna Youth and Music Festival. 

Once I came to the U of O, with school and work, I didn’t have the hours to dedicated to music. Enter my newfound passion: dance! I figure it’s a way to fill the musical/artsy void I’ve been missing!! (except for this year I formed/joined a string quartet which is beginning to come together nicely!!!!) Anyway, thus far I’ve taken swing, hip hop, tap, salsa, meringue when I studied in Mexico (we were also taught this dance native to the Michocan region, but gosh knows if I remember it’s name)…

So this past term I took tap and salsa – my friend took a video unbeknownst to me; however, I now have my hands on the videos, so here they are!!! One final side note…as I am still an amateur, don’t judge me (yet) on my dancing abilities!!

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