Sierra Gorda!

The Sierra Gorda was BEAUTIFUL. We left at 7 am en punto on Saturday morning to begin out 5 ½ hour bus ride to the Sierra Gorda. – worth every second of the ride! The view was amazing…we drove hours through winding roads through the mountain with the most breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, pueblos, and forests which seemed to continue forever.


We arrived in Xilitla which is a town SO different from Querétaro. After being there, I realized how modern QRO really is. There were lots of markets, cowboy hats, old cars, tiny run down houses, etc. HOWEVER, it was a beautiful town.

After a quick lunch, we headed to the beautiful garden/jungle/wildlife of Edward James. That place was nuts! The greenery was so beautiful; I felt as if I were in a jungle.

The architecture was also amazing, so original and eclectic. For example, there was a staircase leading up way high into the sky but it lead to nothing. The waterfalls were magical and the water was clearer than any water I have ever seen. We went swimming in the waterfalls and it was nothing short of amazing. Elizabeth and I took off for an adventure way up high into the mountainous forest and it was BEAUTIFUL up there!!

After exploring the gardens of Edward James, we all trickled back to the bus. I’m not sure why, but  the bus driver turned on some music while we waited and there were a few song we knew. It was great at first, but went downhill quickly after song #3. I think our bus driver was ready to never let Americans listen to music / have an opportunity to sing after “I Will Always Love You” (;

On Sunday we left the town on stopped by three different missions on the way home. All of the missions were beautiful and were blatant ejemplos of baroque art. We have nothing like this is the states and I can never get enough of this type of artwork.

Our bus driver was amazing – negotiating that giant bus through the narrow winding roads built into the sides of the mountain – not to mention he blasted the music for us to have a sing along! Shoutout Daniel!

We arrived back in QRO around 7:30, I came in and quickly met my host family’s family who is here visiting from Suiza (Switzerland), picked up my computer, and headed back out to the centro to work on my final project for Pati’s class. I had that presentation today and it went fine! One of the poems I used in my presentation was “La lluvia” which happens to be the text in the Eric Whitacre song, “Cloudburst.” Of course I played the song for my lit class…God I love being able to incorporate Eric Whitacre into my Spanish lit class!!

Other than that, I went running with Sheri tonight and afterwards I went out to coffee with a friend. We went to an Italian Coffee Company on the outskirts of town which was amazing because from where we were sitting, we had a perfect view of the city lights. Ah. I love this city. I wish I had a year here. I cannot believe in 12 days I will be back in Oregon. Unbelievable.

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