Slowing Down

We run in a million different direction and are consistently ten steps ahead of ourselves.  I look at what I’m doing right now…blogging, changing clothes, doing dishes, heating water, packing my backpack for another long night in Allen.

I know I’m part of the fast generation – I’ve heard this my whole life, but it hasn’t carried much weight because I haven’t known any other way.  My first check with reality came while I lived in Mexico.  I remember sitting at comida with my host family and a fellow American friend.  After the food was served (which was weird enough that people actually had time to eat with each other…every day???) my and  my friend’s food was consumed in a few minutes and we were ready for the next activity.  My host family had barely touched their food – they were busy talking with one another and…taking a few minutes from work to, gasp, enjoy life?

I quickly adjusted to this lifestyle for the next four months, and was able to witness as well as develop some of the most genuine and fulfilling relationships and life experiences.  I worked hard…I earned 30 credits in a term; however,  I felt relaxed and for the first time in literally years (which is horrible to realize) and finally understood the repercussions of an unbalanced lifestyle.

Adjusting back to the U.S. lifestyle … or at least my U.S. lifestyle was without a doubt more difficult than adjusting to my Mexican lifestyle.  Although I had just had this great epiphany, of course as soon as I returned to UO, I jumped right back into the craziness I like to call my life – taking on things that I probably shouldn’t, majors and minors that aren’t required…jobs that aren’t necessary…why?  Good question, I still don’t know.

I think part of it has to do with the J. School environment I’m in…none of us are quite sure why, but we like to test ourselves…mentally and physically…how much can we take on to get as close to the tipping point without actually reaching it?

We should be in this industry because we love what we’re doing – when all is said and done, I know that’s why we’re here and why we’ve stuck with it…but daily I can sense the apathy and frustration…from myself included.  We’re just starting our careers…if we want sustainable careers, we need have have sustainable lifestyles.

Yesterday I worked at home from 7-9:30, went to my internship from 10 – 3, rushed home, threw my stuff in my backpack, ran over to school, had class from 4 – 6, a meeting from 6 – 7,  Ad Society from 7 – 8, AHPR/NVC from 8-9 – finally got home and settled around 10:30…then started my homework.  Am I even in school?  Sometimes I can’t tell.  I woke up at 5 to finish the homework I couldn’t get to last night – as I was getting ready, I put on my TED podcast to help begin the day right – Carl Honore was up, speaking of “Slowing down in a world built for speed.”  

3 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. It is a good commentery. My thoughts are that you can sprint trough life or you can jog. Which of the two last longer, the sprinter or the Marathon runner?

    You have to pace yourself and you have to allow time to recharge your batteries or you will only reach your first goal, as a sprinter, but will be burned out before you reach your Marathon goal.

    It has been said before by the ancient Greeks, “Everything in moderation”.

    There is another old saying: “Do not praise anyone’s achievements till the end”. What that means is that one may achieve temporary successes but in the end he/she may end up a failure.

    One cannot do everythging one wants to do in life because there is not that much time in one’s life. You have to pursue your most important priorities first and if time allows it, you pursue your secondary ones next.

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