small world

I believe I recently mentioned the unusual phenomenon that continually seems to happen to me. Wherever I go in my travels, I run into someone I know in the most random places:

1. During a family trip to Disneyworld, of all people I ran into my best friend and her family at Epcot with no plans to see each other.

2. While in Europe, I spent a day in Venice and randomly ran into my high school choir director in front of St. Marks.

3. I was on a flight to Mexico City and I look to my left and who do I see but I friend I’ve gone to school with throughout high school!

4. This past May I was in NYC walking home on a random street about this exact topic – mid conversation and guess what? I run into two friends from high school who I haven’t seen in more that three years!

5. When I was moving into my building here in Portland a few weeks ago, I passed a girl on the elevator and we both did the double take, I know you from somewhere but I can’t put my finger on it look – we get to talking and turns out, we were friends in elementary school but the she moved and I didn’t see or talk to her since. Not only do we live in the same building but the same floor and we are actually neighbors!


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