Snail Mail, Cooking and Concerts

The other night I spent more time writing hand-written letters than emails. It was a beautiful thing.

Some of my friends from around the globe are also getting back into snail mail, which I love. (:

So here’s the view from my balcony. As you can see, my garden has grown. As you can also see…comparing this photo to the next…

…there really is no drainage in Texas! This is just after a day of misty rain. 

Learning to make good food, one dinner at a time. Here’s a homemade pizza that I made, topped with a few fresh veggies out of my “garden”!

40 Acres Festival at UT. It was also where the Girl Talk concert was held AND where I had my first bush-surfing experience. In case it isn’t widely known, bush surfing is exactly like crowd surfing, except for you are passed over a row of bushes blocking your way instead of being passed over a crowd. (:

I also donated some blood. Felt pretty good about it.

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