Some Cute Mexican Niños

Today was another amazing day.

For breakfast I had the regular bowl of fresh fruit, cereal and a piece of the prune bread my host mom baked the other day. Although I shouldn’t surprised that I would love it (I have yet to try something she makes and not like it) but it was SO GOOD.

I had my composition class from 9 – 10 which went well today. After class, Sam, Sheri, Ana, Torin, and Alisyn went to a class with Mexican students learning English. My first partners were quite nice…we spoke in Spanish ½ the time and ½ the time in English. The lady I worked with was older, owns a business, has two kids, and goes to school. The man I spoke with Spanish with is actually a professor at University (teaches math) and is taking English classes. I was actually quite honored because they both told me that they wished their English was as good as my Spanish. Now I am not too confident with my Spanish, but honestly, after that class I felt it was easier for me to speak Spanish than English. Woot woot looks like I’m making progress!

After that class we hung out until out D.F. meeting at 1:15. We leave tomorrow morning at 8 am for D.F. (Friday – Sunday) and I am so excited about it!

You know how people fall in love with puppies or bunnies and want to take them home? Well, I have fallen in love with little Mexican children. They are SO CUTE! This morning on the way home from school Sam and I inadvertently met some of the cutest Mexican children on the bus. They were looking at us so we would smile and wave; eventually one came over to sit by us and the rest is history. Their names are Autoro and Javier and they are SO CUTE! Ahhh ninos

Just for the record, Sam and I made a successful trip to Walmart. I have to say I am disappointed in the Mexican walmart, but we made it safely there and back, nonetheless.

Tonight we all went out which of course, was fun. I love my group, this town, and everything I have had the opportunity to experience thus far. Ah. Well, We leave tomorrow at 8 am for D.F. but I’m sure there will be plenty of updates when I return!

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