T-Minus 30 Days

Can I just say that 4 months is not sufficient? I am just getting used to everything here, and now everything is winding down! I would honestly love to have a year here, six months at the least.

Today was a good day. After school I went to waffles and then home to comida. We had surprise visitors for comida. A couple in their mid 40’s along with their 14 year old son. It was so random, the man came in, talked for a bit, ate, and left! However, the women and her son stayed for 2 more hours and I talked with them the entire time. Granted my Spanish isn’t perfect but it’s amazing to me that I can understand at least the jist of everything that’s being discussed in each conversation. Today during comida we talked about the education system, movies, traveling, etc. Granted, I know my grammar and pronunciation is not perfect, however people are able to understand me which is the neatest thing.

Last night we went out to Café Aleph for Ashley’s bday. The big 28! Again, it was neat because a few of our Mexican friends were there who do not speak English but I was able to talk with them and have fun the whole night with no problem communication. I am just loving it.

The big Duck game happened as well – Cafe Aleph agreed to play it on their big screen, so my whole group (and Ali’s parents who were in town visiting), as well as some of our Mexican friends piled in to watch! We lost the game, but it was a good time, regardless (=

Tonight we didn’t have art class because Regina is in Washington D.C. for an art conference, however we had dance class at 6. We learned an indigenous dance which was so much fun! Like no other dance I have ever learned before! Of course, we did a little cumbia to finish the night off.


After dance, Laura, Ana, and I walked to Urban to hang out for a bit. We all kinda ended up there and we meaning the two girls, myself, Sam, Dennis, Sheri, and Elizabeth. Also, a friend we met at one of the facultad parties came to hang out with us too. He is from Portland, graduated from PSU but is here visiting for a year because his father lives here. He teaches English at the UAQ (my university) which I think is so cool. Also, what a small world! Of course we stand out as being basically the only white people, but how random that he introduced himself to us and we know so much of the same things. He knows where Sprague is, heck he worked out at the courthouse which is in the same parking lot as the day care I went to as a child and one of his favorite restaurants is the Wild Pear – only about 2 minutes from my parents house in Salem!

While I was sitting at Urban, I was looking out into the beautiful black sky and there was a consistent show of fireworks for about 15 minutes. There are constantly firework shows here which I don’t completely understand, but I sure do love watching them!!

It’s now 12:11 am which means that in less than one month I will be arriving back in the US. Of course I’m excited to see everyone, but leaving everything here is not going to be an easy, to say the least.

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