Burger Quest: Down House


Y’all. The #KKburgerquest is back! Burger #54. Leave it to Texas to have one of the best burgers I’ve had to date. This burger was from Down House in Houston, Texas.

Melt in your mouth grass-fed beef, perfect burger:bun ratio, delicious flavorful toppings, perfectly seasoned fries and my absolute favorite part, the mustard seed/ball things.

Here’s my official review:

Meat: 9/10
Melt in your mouth grass-fed beef that was perfectly seasoned – just enough but not too much.

Bun: 9/10
Excellent challah bun. Not too big, not too small and very fresh.

Burger:bun ratio: 9/10
The burger and bun were about the same width which makes for a nearly perfect burger:bun ratio.

Toppings: 9/10
Cabot cheddar, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, aioli. All tasted amazingly flavorful and fresh. Perfect proportions.

Condiments: 9/10
I LOVED the mustard!!!! It wasn’t the regular smooth mustard you find on most burgers, but instead, mustard seeds, those little multi-colored mustard balls that have the most amazing flavor. Yep. This in itself is a burger game-changer.

Logistics: 9/10
This was a pretty logistically sound burger. I was able to cut it in half without the entire thing falling apart and it held together through the last bite.

Fries: 9/10
Excellent fries. Not too skinny, not too fat. Seasoned perfectly. Just the right amount of crispiness.

Total score: 63/70