Burger Quest: Full Sail Brewing


The latest stop on the burger quest was out in Hood River at Full Sail Brewing. Here’s my review!

Meat 5 / 10
I must admit, the meat wasn’t the greatest. It unfortunately did not have much flavor and was also a little on the dry side. 

Bun – 8 / 10
Probably the best part of the burger. Perfect size and tasted fresh. 

Burger : bun ration – 7 / 10
Pretty close to 1:1 ratio which is the idea ratio. This category checks out!

Toppings – 5 / 10
Similar to the meat, the toppings also lacked flavor. ):

Condiments – 5 / 10
Standard condiments, nothing particularly special or tasty. 

Logistics – 7 / 10
Overall, the burger wasn’t totally difficult. I had to fold the lettuce in half because there was a LOT of lettuce that came on the burger! It started to fall apart at the end, but overall, not terrible in the logistic department. 

Fries – 5/10
Good size and good level of crispy, but similar to the meat and toppings, the fries just really lacked flavor. 

There was potential with this burger but overall, it was just very, very bland!

Total score: 42 / 70