Since the second I walked into the Turnbull Center for the COLAB orientation, my mind has pretty much been a giant whirlwind of information, experiences, insights, advice and realizations.

Here are a few things I’m been thinking about/learning during the past 1 1/2 weeks:

Portland Discoveries:

21st & 23rd streets

Acai smoothies

The Mississippi Street Fair

Continually discovering that it’s the smallest world out there, I have the strangest connections with the most random people, and again, I have this habit of running into the most random people in the most unlikely places.

There is never a dull moment in Portland – festivals, fairs, concerts, lectures, art shows, sporting events, networking events, etc.


Take your camera with you wherever you go.

Never miss an opportunity to talk with someone and hear what he/she has to say.

A Power Book doesn’t seem heavy until you tote it around Portland on a daily basis.

After living in Linfield dorms, I’ve confired that UO officially has the worse dorms.

Surround yourself with people/things that are inspiring. If it’s not inspired or pushed to do great things, you probably need a change.

Jumping in with both feet is the best way to learn and only way you’re going to get better. Take risks, act first, apologize later (I liked this one), don’t be afraid to say no, in the end, everything is relative, and the earlier you can be organized and find a balance, the sooner you will succeed.

Read anything and everything.

Take time to travel. Never put yourself into a situation where you can say, I wish I would have done _____, I wish I would have tried_____, I wish I would have said____, etc. AKA Take time to do what’s most important to you.

Always be curious and ask questions.

Networking is huge. Knowing people is just as important to producing great work.

Have fun, but be responsible and gain the trust of those around you.

Use your resources and don’t burn bridges, as everyone knows everyone in this industry.

eROI, day 2

The unique thing about an agency like eROI is that not only are there the designers creating the designs, but there are also the tech guys who deal with the behind the scenes/technical/digital/coding. etc.Then you have the account people, strategists and accounting/finance people.It’s the biggest left brain/right brain/collaboration/brainstorming/integration/opposite ends of the spectrum, however needs to come together and align perfectly in order to run successfully type of agency.Technical people need to think creatively, creative people need to think technically and both technical and creative people need to have good collaboration and communication skills in order for clients to understand their process, what they’re doing/why they’re doing it, etc.

Interesting, huh?

Anyway, I went around the office yesterday and took some pictures that I’ll be post throughout the next week or so…here are a few!!

This is a nice area to work at eROI (If you look in the background, you can see there are whiteboards in the offices) – love it!

This is upstairs! Behind that glass panel on the left is the SKY meeting room:

This is Donald. And one of two scooters I’ve seen in the office thus far:

This is Charles and Chris. Charles is on the account side and Chris is an intern/ fellow UO student!

And…here is Kiwi! We met after work for our first official COLABoration/brainstorming session.

Colab. Day 2!

Colab. day 2 was spend at eROI. Interesting place – not like any ad. Agency I’ve visited in the past. eROI is an e-mail marketing and interactive agency, which is far different than anything I’ve worked with in the past as aside from this blog and my social network/media sites, I really have minimal experience with the digital/technology side. I spent most of the day shadowing KC, an account coordinator at eROI. One of the tasks of eROI is mass e-mailing for companies, so I learned how that system works (for now, let’s use the term “learned” loosely). For sure it’s a lot more complex than it seems but I’m so glad to be learning. We also worked on some blog posts for a client, which was the one thing I was familiar with and could actually help out, thank you wordpress.com (=

I also sat in on a conference call as well as a collaborating/brainstorming session in the afternoon. I met with Molly in the afternoon who taught me how to use the software I need to use for my first project. All in all, a good first day. Again, the majority of the tasks this agency does is entirely new to me, it’s a lot like learning a new language, but with that, it’s great to be familiar with all sides of the advertising/branding world.

On a side note, it’s always interesting to me to see the layout of the various agencies and how this affects the collaboration/camaraderie/vibe within the office. I’ve visited agencies such as Ogilvy in NY, where everyone has their own office and work space – a much more private/secluded feel while there are other agencies such as Howald + Kalam that consist of one giant room. I would place eROI in the middle – there is one giant room that is somewhat sectioned off – account people together, designers together, tech people together, etc. and those who in a more senior position have their own offices on the outskirts, if you will, of the building.

Random facts about eROI – it has an intramural softball, competing against other Portland Agencies (apparently competition is fierce!), it is the 2-year reigning champion of advertising Battle of the Bands (woohoo!), and people use google chat to talk to one another in the office far more often than the phone…and possibly face-to-face contact…

Anyway, all in all, day one was a great learning experience, day two should be equally as amazing, and in the meantime, go check out Kiwi!!!

PAF Colaboratory Internship

A few weeks ago I was selected to participate in the Colaboratory internship which is sponsored by the Portland Advertising Federation. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! This is going to be a fabulous experience and I can’t wait to spend an extended amount of time in Portland.

Anyway, I just had my second wave of excitement as I opened the mail today because I received a list of the agencies I will interning with:


Anvil media

fish marketing

Should be good!!