Summer Days

Un poquito mas of verano en Austin.

1 lb. of veggies topped with 1 lb. of potatoes, topped with 1 lb. of fried chicken, topped with 1 lb. of gravy. Dinner at ZTejas:

Jack Allen’s makes an insane burger:

Lunch at Frank:

Whip In:

Texas-sized frog.

At first glance, I thought this frog was a rock, so I figured I’d kick the “rock” out of the way of traffic/bikers… About 2 inches before my shoe made contact with the “rock”, I heard a loud “RIBBIT!!”. As if to say: “WTF are you doing?! I’m a frog! Don’t hurt me!!!” The frog jumped about 2 feet in the air, which caused me to jump about 27 feet in the air, screaming: “jesus christ! oh dear god. that is NOT a rock!!”.



Time with my piano:

Early AM walk/run. No other way to do it in this insane Texas heat:

A Day Of Mac & Cheese

Last Saturday was spent with Google & a group of mac & cheese loving Austinites, sampling the 3 top rated mac & cheese dishes found in Austin:

Hoover’s Cooking:

Hearty. Rich. Creamy. Would make an excellent side.

Cover 3:

Good for a meal. Breadcrumbs added a nice texture. Pancetta added a nice flavor but also made it taste a bit salty. This mac & cheese will make you thirsty! Overall, delicious.

Jack Allen’s:

We all loved this mac & cheese…which says a lot, as Jack Allen’s was our last stop and we were already full of mac & cheese. Great flavor. Great texture. Chicken was seasoned perfectly.

I had leftovers for about 4 days after our tour. All 3 restaurants provided incredibly different while incredibly delicious mac & cheese dishes. I’m getting hungry just thinking about the day. Thank you Google for a wonderful day of mac & cheese tasting!