West Coast Best Coast

From San Fran, I flew to Seattle.


From Seattle, I drove straight to eastern Washington. It was a nice enough drive and I was able to fulfill my Pacific NW beautiful fir tree fix (for the first 10 minutes, anyway); however, if/when I do this trip again, I’ll fly. On this route, the landscape pretty quickly transitions from beautiful fir trees to farmland. And after the 357th farm…well, there’s only so much excitement a field of barley can evoke.

After a few days in eastern Washington, I headed back to California – LA this time. Here’s a view from the Getty:

and Santa Monica beach:


Adding this to my dream board:


After LA came Portland – felt great to be home, especially during the most beautiful time of year in the Pac NW! Courtesy of my social media stalking tendencies, I discovered that my good friend Tracy happened to be visiting Portland the same weekend as me. Although I haven’t seen Tracy in five years, we were able to pick up right where we left off. Friendships like these truly are few & far between and, well, I feel quite lucky.


En route to Portland, I realized I hadn’t been home in 8 months – since Christmas! Luckily, work brought me home and I was able to extend my trip for a few extra days by working remotely. Felt great to be back and have time with friends/family.

…and on that note…

You know you’re Greek when you go home & wind up stuffing grape leaves for 2 hrs on Friday night. …and to you, this seems completely normal.


The day before heading back to Austin, I went to the Vancouver Farmer’s Market with my parents. Check out these incredible veggies! Perhaps the best type of sensory overload one can have…


Spent my final Portland afternoon watching the Duck game with friends, followed by a beautiful sunny Oregon fall afternoon at The Fields Park in downtown Portland.


Mt. Hood

Yes, I grew up in Oregon and yes, I know I was only a few hours away from a handful of amazing ski locations but no, up until this past December I had never been to a mountain and certainly had never been skiing/snowboarding.

In case you were wondering, no, I have also never been camping. Actually, I take that back. My first camping experience was this past summer…in Israel…in a Bedouin tent. Go figure.

Yes, now that I live in Texas I have a much greater appreciation for Oregon and all of its beauty but no, even with this newfound appreciation, I really don’t think I’ll ever be much more of an “outdoorsy” person.

All this to say, I went to Mt. Hood for the first time this past December.

Well, David went to snowboard. I guess you could say I went along for moral support. I did contemplate skiing/snowboarding for about 10 seconds, weighing the pros and cons:

Pro: It could be fun, I can say I’ve tried it, it’s good exercise

Con: I hate being cold, I have no athletic ability, my hand-eye coordination is alarmingly low in the world of athletics (minus salsa dancing), I have the upper and lower body strength of a 9 year old, I’m not the best at making split second decisions in life or death situations (scary), and my luck isn’t all that great….

Wondering which option I chose?

Well…let’s just say, I took the photo you see above from within the lodge. I was mad at myself for about 3.5 seconds for not trying, but then I reminded myself: A. Different strokes for different folks, B. You have an awesome book in your bag that you’ve been wanting to read for about 6 months now and C. If you go out there, there’s a high probability the only way you will return is via stretcher.

While at Mt. Hood, I did alot of two things: reading & people watching. I read one of Chuck Klosterman’s book. Found the content on this page to be particularly smart:

Uhhh. I think someone is tired:

On the way back, we passed a snow bank where there were people sledding and snowshoeing, so we pulled over to check it out. I don’t like dogs (I’m wildly allergic), but I thoroughly enjoyed watching dogs go down snow embankments via snow tubes. It was a challenge to decipher if the dogs really really liked or really really hated the experience. I actually think they weren’t sure themselves.

The hotel where we stayed had quite the happy hour menu. We ate well and I’m sure my galbladder hated me the entire time:


A Quick Trip To Portland

I returned from Argentina on Monday & left for Portland four days later. Arrived into PDX quite late on Friday, took the Max, grabbed a quick bite to eat and CRASHED.

Saturday! It was such a beautiful day – I guess it was the first day of sunshine after 327 years of drizzly gray cloudy skies, meaning EVERYONE was outside. It reminded me of that 1st “warm” (60 degrees) sunny day at UO. the population of students on campus seemed to quadrupled as everyone was outside, literally just sitting there on the lawns/benches/sidewalks/patios/anywhere, soaking in the sunshiney goodness.

ANYWAY, we began the day off with breakfast at Mother’s. I had the best reuben sandwich of my life:

David had a pretty bomb.com waffle:

After breakfast, we walked down to the Saturday market! It’s funny how you don’t do certain (really awesome) things when you live in a place…I suppose the novelty isn’t quite there…but still! I had almost forgotten how awesome the Portland Saturday Market was…hadn’t been since I was a kid!

Lots of hand-made stuff, art, food, solid people watching, and the heart in Oregon sticker booth!!!

Also passed this guy. Oh, Portlanders:

Jamison Square Park. Like a said…first sunny day and people come out of the woodworks:

Passed one of the Portland Loos (a series of solar-paneled public toilets in the downtown area):

Got on the street car a few blocks later (have I yet mentioned how much I love Portland public transportation?? Austin…take note!). Anyway, a stop after we got on, a lady got on the street car pulling a basket…with two poodle looking dogs. Interesting:

How can you not love downtown Portland?

Burgers! Some of you might be aware of my mild obsession with hamburgers – we ate here at Little Big Burger and it was pretty good.

However, the real reason for taking this picture, the man wearing a ninja turtle backpack:

Anyway, spent the evening Saturday and all day Sunday with family & friends. By Monday, we were already back on a plane to Austin! Short but solid weekend.

Waiting For Deb Idea Book

At the beginning of winter term, Max and I really bonded over sitting outside Deb’s office, waiting for a few minutes to chat…along with every other J. school Ad. kid in Allen.

We discovered we both always brought our idea books to pass time during the wait, so we decided to make a project out of it – The Waiting for Deb Idea Book.  We Velcroed a small blank notebook under the chair outside of Deb’s office.


Over the course of the next 2 terms, any student waiting for Deb could contribute to our collaborative book.  Deb, of course, had no idea this was in the works. (=  A week or so before school concluded, we presented Deb with the book during Ad. Night:


– I’m pretty sure it was a hit (= Between us all, the pages were almost all filled and…you can check it out for yourself, but I think there are some pretty fun insights within: (=

Free Time

I think my fellow COLABers will agree that free time has been rare these past three weeks and I can’t imagine that changing any time soon! COLAB continues to impress me, regardless of the infinite time commitment and I’m still so thankful for this internship.

In the little free time we have:

Bram and Amber interviewed Christine and I for their podcast:

We’ve also been enjoying the great city of Portland:

 More soon.

COLAB 2nd Rotation

This week I began my second COLAB rotation at Anvil. It’s been great thus far – I’ve learned so much…which I suppose is good, seeing as I knew little to nothing about SEO and SEM before COLAB.  I’m really grateful for this experience because this is all stuff I want/need to know, and what better way than to have hands on experience with experts? Everyone at Anvil has been so welcoming and resourceful and I’m excited for my few weeks here!

In other news, I took a nice walk around the neighborhood the other night. It’s getting difficult to not fall in love with this city.


Week Two

I had a fabulous 2 weeks at eROI and was actually quite sad to say goodbye. I really appreciate the generosity and willingness to include me and hopefully they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them!

Today was action packed. After work, I headed over to dMob with some other COLABers. It was up a Tabor Park which is a beautiful place. 

PAF Colaboratory Internship

A few weeks ago I was selected to participate in the Colaboratory internship which is sponsored by the Portland Advertising Federation. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! This is going to be a fabulous experience and I can’t wait to spend an extended amount of time in Portland.

Anyway, I just had my second wave of excitement as I opened the mail today because I received a list of the agencies I will interning with:


Anvil media

fish marketing

Should be good!!