West Coast Best Coast

From San Fran, I flew to Seattle.


From Seattle, I drove straight to eastern Washington. It was a nice enough drive and I was able to fulfill my Pacific NW beautiful fir tree fix (for the first 10 minutes, anyway); however, if/when I do this trip again, I’ll fly. On this route, the landscape pretty quickly transitions from beautiful fir trees to farmland. And after the 357th farm…well, there’s only so much excitement a field of barley can evoke.

After a few days in eastern Washington, I headed back to California – LA this time. Here’s a view from the Getty:

and Santa Monica beach:


Adding this to my dream board:


After LA came Portland – felt great to be home, especially during the most beautiful time of year in the Pac NW! Courtesy of my social media stalking tendencies, I discovered that my good friend Tracy happened to be visiting Portland the same weekend as me. Although I haven’t seen Tracy in five years, we were able to pick up right where we left off. Friendships like these truly are few & far between and, well, I feel quite lucky.


En route to Portland, I realized I hadn’t been home in 8 months – since Christmas! Luckily, work brought me home and I was able to extend my trip for a few extra days by working remotely. Felt great to be back and have time with friends/family.

…and on that note…

You know you’re Greek when you go home & wind up stuffing grape leaves for 2 hrs on Friday night. …and to you, this seems completely normal.


The day before heading back to Austin, I went to the Vancouver Farmer’s Market with my parents. Check out these incredible veggies! Perhaps the best type of sensory overload one can have…


Spent my final Portland afternoon watching the Duck game with friends, followed by a beautiful sunny Oregon fall afternoon at The Fields Park in downtown Portland.



Now that I live in the great state of Texas, I find myself wondering why I didn’t visit Seattle more regularly when living just a few hours away? The handful of times I did visit was mainly for choir/orchestra trips /quick vacations (which were amazing, P.S.), BUT…we more or less stuck around the touristy areas. This time, however, I stayed with a very dear friend, and was able to have more of a “day in the life” Seattle experience.

One evening we ate at a Greek restaurant, Gorgeous George. It was incredible! I’m a pretty big critic of Greek food (as a Greek, one has this right, yes?). Aside from my dad’s Greek food (which will obviously always be the best), Gorgeous George’s food was right up there. 

In the morning we had homemade crepes. I love love love fruit and unfortunately don’t get alot of it while traveling, so this was perfect. I also usually don’t like breakfast food for breakfast. It makes me more hungry. Why? Who knows, but I hands down prefer dinner food for breakfast over breakfast food any day of the week! This, however, was an exception. I mean, just look at it! Delicious!

After work, I found a coffee shop to spend a few hours doing…more work! (: Luckily for me, Seattle has about 47 coffee shops per block, so there were many options. I went to Cafe Fiore in Queen Anne. What did I like about this coffee shop?

The ambience, first of all. That makes all the difference in a coffee shop…or anywhere really. I’m suppose I could be classified as a ambience/feng shui/vibe nut, but this stuff matters, people!

Second, there was a giant circular table in the center of the coffee shop, where people who did not all come together, could all sit together at this colossal table to work. Although we were all doing our own things, the table created a mini community feel. Always a good feeling. (:

Third, the picture seen below. I have no idea who these people are or why the photo is next to the register…but it makes for a nice conversation piece. Where do you think they are?

4th, the barista (baristo?) has perhaps one of the most cheerful attitudes. And not cheerful in an annoying way, but cheerful in a way that energizes you. He said he was in a band that takes the words from old hymns and puts them to their music. So Seattle it hurts.

At one point, Nicole & I walked around Queen Anne and came across Brett’s TMOOH apparel in one of the boutiques! It’s such a wonderful thing to see the products/results of genuinely good people with genuinely good purposes doing genuinely good things.

Perhaps this is a result of 2+ years in Texas, but I didn’t realize (or at least remember) how hilly Seattle is. While driving and/or walking, I felt like I was seeing another breathtaking view of the Seattle skyline every 10 seconds! I am a huge sucker for city skylines/city lights, so let’s just say I was one happy camper.

As I was driving/walking through Seattle neighborhoods, I couldn’t get my mind off how unique each house was. In many cities, I’ve observed cookie cutter community after cookie community, but I felt like there were so so so many communities in Seattle that had houses with such unique personalities.

I think I could enjoy living in Seattle…in the summer. There’s just something about the gray skies, mist, clouds, and below 50 degree weather that just gets the best of me. It’s a shame because I love the Pacific NW, but that darn weather… Although, I must admit, summers in the Pac NW can’t be beat.

On Sunday night, the stars aligned and some of our good/wonderful/amazing friends were also in town, so we all got together and well, it was wonderful. Moving/living 1/2 way across the country sure has made me appreciate the amazing family/friends I have back home! It was so nice to hang out, and catch up… I even left feeling a little emo afterward…I think that means I like these people! (:

In case you were wondering, we went to a clown themed bar, complete with a room full of pinball machines.

Before work the next day, I met up with my dear friend Daniela at the break of dawn. Daniela and I met down in Queretaro, Mexico when I was studying abroad there, and she was so incredibly kind from the minute we met. She (along with many of our other Mexican friends in Queretaro) showed us, what I would consider an undeserving amount of care and hospitality. I felt like they were always going out of their way to include us and show us the country and culture they loved. Incredible people and added so much to our study abroad/Mexican experience.

I hadn’t seen Daniela since I left Queretaro 4 years ago, but when we met up, it felt like there hadn’t been a 4 year gap in our friendship at all. I think it’s times like these when you know the friendship is real.

And that was that! Worked the rest of the day, then headed to Portland for a week. What a lovely Seattle weekend.