Burger Quest: The Tannery


Burger #68 on the #KKburgerquest was at The Tannery in Portland, OR! Here’s my review:

Meat: 9/10
Grass-fed beef, amazing moist texture, yet not too drippy. Delicious flavor.

Bun: 7/10
I wasn’t totally crazy about the bun – it didn’t taste as fresh as I would have liked and fell apart easily.

Burger:bun ratio: 7/10
This was a little off – at first sight, it looks pretty even, but the meat was a solid patty and the bun fell apart pretty easily which made the ratio a little off. I wouldn’t change anything about the meat, I would replace the bun with a sturdier, breadier bun. (:

Toppings: 9/10
Delicious. Goat milk cheddar, sweet onion compound, bacon, lettuce and a little dill pickle to top it off. Loved the toppings!

Condiments: 8/10
Special sauce and ketchup that didn’t taste too sugary.

Logistics: 7/10
This is where this burger takes a hit! This was very much a vertical burger and while the stature made for a great presentation, it was pretty difficult to eat without making a giant mess.

Fries: 10/10
I loved the fries! Not too mushy, not too crispy, not too salty, not too bland, not too big, not too small. They were delicious!

Total: 57/70

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