Since the second I walked into the Turnbull Center for the COLAB orientation, my mind has pretty much been a giant whirlwind of information, experiences, insights, advice and realizations.

Here are a few things I’m been thinking about/learning during the past 1 1/2 weeks:

Portland Discoveries:

21st & 23rd streets

Acai smoothies

The Mississippi Street Fair

Continually discovering that it’s the smallest world out there, I have the strangest connections with the most random people, and again, I have this habit of running into the most random people in the most unlikely places.

There is never a dull moment in Portland – festivals, fairs, concerts, lectures, art shows, sporting events, networking events, etc.


Take your camera with you wherever you go.

Never miss an opportunity to talk with someone and hear what he/she has to say.

A Power Book doesn’t seem heavy until you tote it around Portland on a daily basis.

After living in Linfield dorms, I’ve confired that UO officially has the worse dorms.

Surround yourself with people/things that are inspiring. If it’s not inspired or pushed to do great things, you probably need a change.

Jumping in with both feet is the best way to learn and only way you’re going to get better. Take risks, act first, apologize later (I liked this one), don’t be afraid to say no, in the end, everything is relative, and the earlier you can be organized and find a balance, the sooner you will succeed.

Read anything and everything.

Take time to travel. Never put yourself into a situation where you can say, I wish I would have done _____, I wish I would have tried_____, I wish I would have said____, etc. AKA Take time to do what’s most important to you.

Always be curious and ask questions.

Networking is huge. Knowing people is just as important to producing great work.

Have fun, but be responsible and gain the trust of those around you.

Use your resources and don’t burn bridges, as everyone knows everyone in this industry.

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