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How did it get to be Oct 9th? Time is sure flying. It has been especially hot here, but today it was a little overcast (still hot) and drizzly. I began to think of home and how (although I love it here) I am excited to be back as well! I am especially excited because I am returning to the states at a perfect time – the holidays! (even though I will be missing Thanksgiving…).

Today after composición, Ali, Ana, and I went to the orphanage (it really is more like a daycare for underprivileged kids I believe…they do have homes). Anyway, today was nice because I actually got to work with the kids in the classroom. Funny trying to teach kids addition, subtraction, multiplication, and helping them form sentences when ½ the time I’m not even sure myself! Either way, it is good practice. One thing at the school is that the kids run around crazy! Example: In the classroom, while the teacher was helping about 10 kids at her desk (mind you, ½ of them are climbing on top of the desk and running around) there is a group of boys chucking pencils at another little boy in the corner who is trying to do his homework. Later, there was a little boy who grabbed another student around the neck and basically drop kicked him. The teacher did nothing until the one kid started crying. I’m not sure why there is minimal discipline here at the school, but it is just NUTS sometimes!

Anyway, after that and comida, I headed back to the centro for art history. We had a fieldtrip to another art museum to study vanguardia art. So different that what we have studied in the past! We walked around the centro for a bit afterwards before heading home. On the way home I saw one of the Mexican women on the side of the street selling beautiful roses, so I bought a dozen for my senora! While waiting for her to get my flowers together, we ran into Jessica! It has been a few weeks since I’ve seen her so I got so excited! I love her and especially love talking with her because she learned English in England, so I am loving the English accent and colloquial sayings! Anyway, she is huge into theatre here and was on her way to see a play in the centro. Jessica invited Sam and I to go to the play with her so instead of heading home after buying the flowers, we headed to the play! It’s amazing how many things Querétaro has to offer – and so many things I am not even aware of (such as this play, right in the centro!!). The play was good. It was a 2 woman show…a little difficult to understand at times but from what I gather, and from what Jessica explained, it was a good play! I love love love stuff like that. I miss plays, theater, music, concerts, etc. so whenever I get the opportunity to go to an event such as this play, I jump at the chance!

Well, that is all for now. Love and miss everyone!!!!

Things I am excited for:

Spaghetti and garlic bread
American Tacos
Homemade popcorn
Dad’s Greek food
Mom’s potatoes, broccoli, and chicken
Schedules and timeliness
Pizza for breakfast!! (or at all…)

Viva México!!!

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  1. what about me saying the f-word in every sentance huh!? YOU DONT MISS THAT!? WHAT THE…..I wont even give you the joy of what should follow. :)

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