This Is Buenos Aires

After our short walk through urban neighborhoods, passing by parks, produce stands & quaint corner stores, we arrived at the University of Belgrano. This morning, we would be touring the school and sitting in on classes with our students!

Stunning buildings:

While sitting in on classes, nostalgia kicked in, as I was reminded of my own study abroad experience in Querétaro, Mexico…

After leaving Univ. of Belgrano, Carmen (our Resident Director), took us on a bit of a walking tour, passing landmarks, famous buildings as well as a few extremely wide streets…such as this one with 8 lanes!

Walking, walking & more walking. Passing beautiful architecture left & right:

Carmen explaining the subte system on this massive subte map:

Never thought I’d find myself snapping photos inside of a shopping mall to remember Buenos Aires, but after one look at these incredible ceiling frescos…

So something interesting about Buenos Aires – although it borders the Río de la Plata, you will rarely see the water…that’s just how the city was set up! With this said, one of the handful of times you WILL see water in Buenos aires is in the Puerto Madero district, our next stop!

Here we are in Puerto Madero, the white structure you see the Puente de la Mujer. This monument is not only a swing bridge, but is also said to represent a couple dancing tango. Can you see it?

From Puerto Madero, we made a short treck to meet up with our students and Gaby (our other API Buenos Aires Resident Director) at the Ecological Reserve!

The Reserva Ecológica de Buenos Aires comprises 865 acres of low land on the Río de la Plata. Here we are with our students, Gaby, and wonderful tour guide:

One part of the tour included an off-the-beaten-track route…let’s just say we had an up close and personal view of the reserve! Here’s a bit of video:

I will admit, the were mosquitos out in force this day! Apparently, this was abnormal, but boy were they present!

After our tour concluded, we began our short jaunt back, catching a glimpse of the Buenos Aires skyline from the trail:

One of the things I love about travel – finding the idiosyncrasies that give each place it’s personality. I snapped this photo from the backseat of a taxi – check out these statues figuratively (and literally) holding up the balcony above. Too cool.

One more shot from the taxi ride home – Argentina flag with a beautiful backdrop of buildings and sunset.

More to come! (:

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