Touring QRO and Classical Music

Yet another day of 8 am classes. Last night was the first night I slept through the whole tonight without waking up multiple times. About time!

After class Sam invited Alisyn and I to go on a tour of Querétaro with her class. We were to meet in the centro after class. Well, long story short, thanks to the wonderful Mexican bus system, none of the buses we needed to take came. Finally, we got in a cab but don’t worry, he got lost on the way. Bah.

After the tour, Sam and I were STARVING. We had the best pesto. Oh my gosh I am getting hungry now just thinking about it. We got ice cream on the way home and finally arrived back home (completely sweaty and gross) at around 6. I cleaned up, called mom and dad, then I called Tia for the first time and talked to her for a bit.


At 7, we headed back to town for a concert that night. This concert was at el teatro de la republica. We got a quick snack beforehand…it was a little peanutbutter cookie thing…umm it was just quite crumbly and not exactly peanutbutter-y, but it’s all good.

The concert began at 7:30 and it was awesome. The group consisted of a violin, cello, piano, oboe and flute. The type of music this group is modern and abstract but it was amazing. The flautist had a solo with the piano which was just phenomenal. I closed my eyes and the images were so vivid. I felt like I was in a desert, a rainforest…everything was so different than anything I’ve ever seen at a classical concert, and trust me, I have been to my fair share! The music was abstract and eclectic, but it was awesome and painted an amazing image in my mind. Querétaro has so many cultural opportunities and they are reasonable! This concert only cost 30 pesos. I absolutely am loving this city!!!

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