Transforming The Classroom

We flash-mobbed a classroom which resulted in this stop motion video! (: [and in case it isn’t completely obvious, I am the ‘student’]!!

…and since we know, I’ll a fan of process…

2 thoughts on “Transforming The Classroom

  1. We spent about 12 hours there taking pics… so 12 hours, plus pre & post production time! Doesn’t seem like it’d take that long for a short video but alas… (:

  2. When I was very young we had a book with many pages. Each page has a little different picture. When I move the pages fast with my finger, I was able to see a motion picture, like a movie. You took this idea even further and made a excellent presentation. YES! You can change the word! Yes you need friends, parners, may active young people, students to build a better school, better life, more love than hatred. WOW, you did a good job!!!

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