Two Weeks In Kansas

Never thought I’d visit Kansas, much less visit Kansas two times in two weeks. …but I did. And this is what I experienced:

A lot of flat land. However, I must say that overall, I saw quite a bit more greenery than expected.

The schools I visited in Kansas have beautiful architecture. Who knows why, but when I was younger, I always pitied kids who went to school on a campus with ugly industrial looking buildings, rather than buildings like these, with the beautiful ornate design.

Here is the hotel where I stayed during the 2nd Kansas trip. It A. seemed too nice of a hotel to be right off of a college campus for the price and B. also doubled as a tanning salon, had terrance bars, observation decks, and last but not least, a subterranean night club, AKA “The Cave”.

A view from one of the observation decks:

Traveling is wonderful, unless you’re talking about maintaining a workout routine. I’m not one of those hardcore people that MUST workout every day…but after sitting on a plane all day or not really moving much during my work day there…I feel antsy and know I won’t sleep well if I don’t get some sort of physical activity in. So, on my trip to Lawrence, I decided to walk to dinner rather than drive.

The walk between the hotel and the downtown area was quite pleasant. I walked through a neighborhood full of old houses with so much character. I presume this was now housing for college students. It reminded me very much of the neighborhoods around UO.

The downtown is quaint. Lots of old little stores and restaurants, lots to look at and observe.

I ended up eating at an Asian noodle shop, Zen Zero. It was DELISIH! My only complaint is the serving size. It was so ridiculously huge – probably could have been about 5 meals. It really makes me sad to waste food…I suppose this is why I usually try ordering off the kids menu…the perfect amount of food, overeating and/or wasting food doesn’t occur…win win.

Regardless of my portion qualms, the food was delicious. I ordered chicken pad thai. Yes, this might sound boring, but alas there is a strategy behind my food ordering. My theory is this: If I get something different each time I go to a new restaurant, it’s impossible to fairly compare restaurant cuisine. It’s necessary to compare apples to apples. SO, when I get thai food at a thai restaurant, I always get the chicken pad thai. Burger place? A plain burger without onions. Pizza? A plain cheese pizza.

And on that note, here is my chicken pad thai:

After dinner, I continued my walk back to the hotel. Like I said before, there were lots of neat little stores to check out along the way. Such as this t-shirt shop:

After the t-shirt shop, I stumbled across this Greek restaurant, The Mad Greek. Like any other normal Greek person, my eyes of course light up as thoughts of gyros, dolmathes, tiropita and baklava infiltrated my brain.

At first I was sad that I did not see this restaurant first. (first world problems?) Then I stopped being sad because I knew I would be in Lawrence for another night and could come back. OPA!

Continuing along with my food critic theory above, I ordered a traditional gyro. It was delish. Wish they had kid size gyros…but I think when you’re Greek, kid size portions of anything (even for kids) do not exist. In fact, I think asking for anything smaller than an unnecessarily excessive portion of any type of Greek food might be considered blasphemy.

The next morning I was happy to find  The Juice Stop. After all the great food I had consumed in the previous two days, I was ready to detox and get back to my regular diet of primarily fruits & veggies. It’s not always the easiest to find these things during travel, so opportunities like The Juice Stop I snag immediately. (:

So there we go. Kansas experience, done & done.

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