Wagon Wheel & Some Travels

Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve spent a good deal of time in the South and the North South? Lower NE? Western Middle East? region of the states. There’s a certain charm found around here that can’t be found in other areas. I visited Tennessee for the first time in high school and was so impressed with the way of life out here. That was in Nashville. A few months back I went through Cumberland Gap and most recently Knoxville & Greeneville.

I’ve been listening to the song called “Wagon Wheel” quite a bit  lately – a friend / fellow musician asked if I could play this with him, so I’ve been playing it quite a bit to get it into my head… Anyway, I love the song as it is…but it’s especially neat because the song mentioned in all these places I’ve been visiting / driving through lately (Cumberland Gap, Johnson City, Roanoke, etc.) Guess you could say it puts a metaphorical face to a name…but really…brings so much more meaning to the song now that I’ve experienced the places mentioned within…

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