Waiting For Deb Idea Book

At the beginning of winter term, Max and I really bonded over sitting outside Deb’s office, waiting for a few minutes to chat…along with every other J. school Ad. kid in Allen.

We discovered we both always brought our idea books to pass time during the wait, so we decided to make a project out of it – The Waiting for Deb Idea Book.  We Velcroed a small blank notebook under the chair outside of Deb’s office.


Over the course of the next 2 terms, any student waiting for Deb could contribute to our collaborative book.  Deb, of course, had no idea this was in the works. (=  A week or so before school concluded, we presented Deb with the book during Ad. Night:


– I’m pretty sure it was a hit (= Between us all, the pages were almost all filled and…you can check it out for yourself, but I think there are some pretty fun insights within: (=

5 thoughts on “Waiting For Deb Idea Book

  1. This is wicked cool you two! What a great idea, to do, implement, and then showcase! Have you thought about expanding this to other areas?

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