We Jammed

Awhile back I mentioned enjoying the Austic music scene as I’ve had the opportunity to learn / make music in a whole different way than how I was trained.

Rather than learning by reading music that someone has already composed (i.e. what you see in the previous post!), here in Austin, I’ve put the sheet music aside and am working on playing by ear as well as collaborating with fellow musicians to create our own musical ventures. (;

Neither method is better nor worse, but I know that I have been growing tremendously as a musician down here, which is lovely.

So last night Eddie came over for a last time, as he is about to leave for grad. school. (of course, this is the year of goodbyes afterall! ]: ) ANYWAY, we wanted to get in one last jam and record a few tracks. Hence the rando. cords and mics all over my apt. in this video.


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