You’re majoring in…advertising?


I think it’s fair to say a career in advertising is frequently misunderstood and quite possibly impossible to explain.  When I speak of my degree in advertising, I am frequently told that anyone can “make a commercial” or “design something.”  

If only it was that simple.  

Breaking it down and explaining project managing, account planning, account managing, coordinating, research, ethnography,media buying, media planning, art directing, creative directing, designing, brand strategy, copywriting (or idea writing as we now like to call it)…and then putting all those pieces back together…and somehow explaining the process in a clear and succinct manner…

I am most inspired by the handful of work I aspire to create – I love this work because it’s smart.  The strategy is extremely clear and thoroughly planned – The Tap Project, Apple, Obama, Starbucks, Nike – I hate to use standard brands such as these, but there is a reason for the success of these brands – they each have an identity that’s black and white.  

I have said this before, but as part of the communications industry, there is an incredible amount of power to influence – which if done in a smart and responsible manner – can have some pretty amazing results.

3 thoughts on “You’re majoring in…advertising?

  1. I don’t know you but I thought I would comment. In Advertising we spend our lives doing something most people actively try to ignore… but we do it because we are the rock stars of the business world. Plus we get to work with fun people.

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